EoE Apatite spheres are the most powerful products we have. They are just magical. They can hold the full potential of the EoE energy like no other material can. They create a sphere of silence and emptiness around the heart like no other material I have seen before and activate the kundalini like crazy. It also takes more then a month to train 1 apatite sphere to become an EoE apatite sphere that is directly linked to our EoE kundalini generator. And even then after a month I still need to individually work with the crystal for hours to fully encompass the EoE energy, this is how powerful they are and how much energy they contain.

After looking for the reason why this might be I ended up with the research of Professor Matthew P.A. Fisher from Santa Barbara. It seems phosphate, apatite’s main building block, does not suffer from the quantum decoherence that normally occurs when temperatures raise and environmental influences increase. This means phosphate is producing quantum effects at room temperature and this would explain much better why the EoE energy links to it so well. Meaning the person who energizes the apatite is also permanently linked to that crystal like being quantum entangled with it. Another interesting thing about apatite is that your bones and teeth also contain a lot of apatite crystals and this points to the fact that your whole body acts like a big crystal structure linking (quantum entanglement) awareness to your bones and teeth literally.

The EoE geometry has also many similarities with the chemical makeup of apatite, see image below:

Apatite is from the Greek ἀπατάω (apatao), to deceive, as apatite was often confused with other minerals (e.g. beryl, milarite).

The dark green apatites are energetically centered between the navel and heart, while the deep blue sky apatites are energetically centered between the heart and the throat. The lighter green apatites are more energetically centered in the heart while the light blue apatites are energetically centered in the throat.

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