We are Mingyur Yeshe and Litsa

For as far as we can remember we have been inclined towards the spiritual side of life, for me almost an obsessive search for truth while for Litsa it was more living that truth. This search let us through many spiritual paths and endeavors, starting in the white mountains of Crete for Litsa some 30 years back and for me near Sedona, Arizona some 25 years ago. I was much inclined towards self-inquiry, Gnana Yoga, Vallalar's teachings, Tantric Kriya Yoga and Dzogchen Buddhism (hence the name Mingyur Yeshe) and I was lucky that my studies when I was young were near Sedona where a great spiritual master once lived, named Robert Adams. Litsa tried pretty much all the spiritual movements on the planet and this way we could help each other out with different techniques to dissolve further into truth. In 2007 I started giving satsangs in Maarssen and was sharing the silence and bliss with others. Over the course of many years of sharing this truth and visiting India for deepening the truth I found that the energy behind the realization is making it all possible and not the words or silence between the words. This realisation gave birth to the Era of Enlightenment project.

Mingyur & Litsa

This let me to a grand search of how to magnify and increase the energy to share with others. In India they are using the temples as structures to magnify the energy and giving darshans to direct the energy. Well exploring the temples and structures for energy channeling I entered into the domain of crystals and zoomed into Apatite as the most powerful crystal structure for this type of energy out of the 2000 unique crystals now in my possession to store the Era of Enlightenment energy and transmitting it again. However just the material was not enough for I had to explore different methods to permanently store the energy inside them and also magnify it again using special geometry. This let me in 2014 to a project called MX2 now in the hands of circle of rotations.

The first couple of month in 2016 I spend my time again in south India researching specifically the phenomena called the rainbow body (the highest state attainable in meditation, where one dissolves in light) where masters such as Vallalar and Lord Murugan showed people the way. This let to new insights and realizations that gave birth to the project called EoE, Era of Enlightenment and its products.

Mingyur in south India

We hope with all the energies available to us in the universe that we can share this and awaken its potential to all who come in contact with us.